Islamophobia roughly means the fear of Islam. Fear of the possibility of Muslims harming non-Muslims.

But this fear is unrealistic and it is a forcibly produced fear with mass media, for propaganda purposes.

Although it came to the fore with the downing of the planes on September 11, 2001 and became widespread with this name, in fact, the concept of Islamophobia was used as a camouflage tool to legitimize the hatred of the West against Muslims.

Since the birth of Islam, it has always existed under various names. Especially with the collapse of the Warsaw pact, the Atlantic pact, which was looking for an enemy, created this enemy it needed by placing Islam and Muslims in the position of enemies, and they embraced the concept of Islamophobia as the language of appearing right in this regard. enabled and disseminated.
However, statistical facts are the most exposed to persecution, humiliation and terror.
It shows that the rest, those who are deprived of their freedom and right to life every day in every geography, are Muslims.

This truth is so obvious that now, with the massacre of Muslims in New Zealand on 15.09.2019, a large mass of people with conscience had to shout the truth that the concept of “Islamophobia” does not reflect the truth, on the contrary, it covers the facts.

In fact, the fact that Muslims are not the persecuted, but the persecuted mass is so obvious; With the massacre against Muslims on March 15, 2019, it was decided to declare that day as the day against Islamophobia, and the United Nations this year too.

On March 15, the world declared the day against Islamophobia.

Thus, the United Nations has determined and accepted that the word FOBI (FEAR) cannot be applied to the aforementioned people because they are members of any religion, sect or race.

International Jurists Union Secretary General