We very clearly condemn the “terrorist attack in Istanbul-Taksim” that took place on 13.11.2022 on Istiklal Street, Istanbul; Targeting the state and nation of the Republic of Turkiye.

Human life is sacred, and killing one human is like killing all humanity.

We wish that these vile terrorist activities that causing pain to people, These will no longer be a gain for their supporters!

We think that this explosion, which took place in the days when not terrorism but business and excessive talk in Turkiye, is not only aimed at 86 million Hearth of Turkiye, but also against countries that prioritize and seriously demand growth with their own strength and the welfare of their people. We believe that the responsibilities of states and organizations that use terrorism and terrorists as subcontractors will not be time-barred.

We hope that the supporters of terrorism are in their last moments; And we think that all the victims of terrorism and their citizens, regardless of the reason and the instruments on which they are based, should be “UNITED AGAINST TERRORISM”.

On this occasion, from the victims of terrorism; We wish ALLAH’s mercy on the deceased and a speedy recovery to the injured.

Necati CEYLAN – Lawyer
Secretary General of IJU