Saturday, May 18, 2024

Many innocent people died and thousands of innocent people were injured in the explosion in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, on August 4, 2020. Many people became homeless. We wish mercy from Allah to our brothers and sisters who died due to the incident, and urgent healing to the wounded. We give Lebanese brothers and sisters and the Islamic world our deepest condolences.

There are allegations that the explosion is committed by some organizations or states. We strongly condemn the perpetrators of this incident, which we see as a crime against humanity, which targets innocent people’s lives and body integrity rights. Actions that deliberately target the right to life of innocent people are terrorist acts, whether organized by any organization or state. Terrorist acts are actions that target people and are the problem of all humanity. It is imperative that all states fight sincerely and jointly against terrorism. The perpetrators and instigators of this explosion should be meticulously investigated and judged and then punished with the punishment they deserve.

The countries where Muslims live, has been devastated by means of occupation, terrorism and economic instability by colonial imperialists. Country sources have been looted. The young population has been rendered dysfunctional in the form of massacre, terrorism, forced migration. We declare that the right of our brothers and sisters in these countries to freely determine their own future should not be interfered with.

As the International Jurists Union, we reiterate that we will provide all kinds of support in defending the rights of our Lebanese brothers and sisters, and we will defend their rights in every national and international court and platform.

Att. at Law
General Secretary of the International Jurists Union

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