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We condemn the arbitrary and unlawful prosecution of the Jamaat’s political leadership

The current situation in Bangladesh has become a concern that undermines the democratic standing of all peoples of Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi government should do more to reconcile with its past and build a future that benefits all its citizens.

Despite all these shortcomings, if the Awami League Government speaks of the rule of law and declares it to be democracy; First of all, it should strive to ensure that free and fair elections are not followed by the rule of law and numerous human rights violations.

The fact that these violations are also state-sponsored shows the State of Bangladesh as a badly managed country in foreign policy. Also, the government unfortunately made some big mistakes; Despite being an active participant in democratic movements in the past and securing the rights of the people, they strengthened their dominance in power by narrowing the democratic space of all opposition parties, including Bangladeshi Jamaat-e-Islami, hindered the environment of free thought, and by ignoring different views, equality between citizens causing discrimination. violated the principle.

Likewise, Jamaat-e-Islami played a very important role in the realization of the demand for a provisional government between 1991 and 1996. The Jamaat participated in all reliable elections duly and legally. condemned by Islam.

There is still an ongoing conflict in Bangladesh between its future and its people. Bangladesh only by providing a progressive and responsible transition period. it can develop fairly and become a better country. This is only possible with an understanding of an equal and reliable state among all citizens.

Jamaat-e-Islami does not support anyone who commits extremist crimes, and has always been on the side of the just, not the strong. Bangladesh cannot move forward without confronting its past. Therefore, a reliable, independent and impartial process is necessary for everyone.

We condemn the arbitrary and unlawful prosecution of the Jamaat’s political leadership. The people of Bangladesh can only solve all their problems if they re-establish the most basic principles of democracy, re-establish the rule of law and restore public confidence in state institutions.

Democratic space, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly and demonstration, tolerance, unity and freedom to protest against wrongful government policies, especially against repression; It is possible with freedoms that must be respected, but obligatory to act.

Attorney at law
Necati Ceylan
General secretary
Of international Jurist Union



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